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Apart from Quran, these books literally put me into action.
They provided me valuable life skills and transformed me into my current version.
I have lived my life better thereafter and refer to them for refinement or recollection. 
It takes experience to grow, but books help us move smarter before experience gives us a go. 
See if one of my prescriptions suits you.

Eckhart Tolle

This book has helped me become more patient, empathetic, calm, and happy especially when things out of my control suddenly occur. It taught me how to be mindful and how to manage my emotions. Eckhart Tolle's technique prevented me from reacting negatively and directed me instead to focus on solutions. 


This is the best book about The Art of Letting Go and Living in the Present. If you wish to move past any painful situations or accept 'what is' in split seconds, and leave the past behind, read  and practice this book. 

Dale Carnegie

Listening is an important skillI I have only truly understood and lived after reading this book. If you want to improve your relationships with your loved ones and friends, and make a meaningful connection to any person you will meet, this book will teach you how.

Susan Jeffers, PhD

I accomplished more of my goals after this book taught how to live with fear: to focus on the fact that fear will always be there to stop us and hide the truth that we can. It wouldn't tell you to just go with any opportunities that will come at you, but to calculate yourself against the challenges you will face.

Greg McKeown

I stopped multitasking after I got my hand on this book. I am now happier than ever because I completed more goals, highly satisfied in each endings. If you wish to lighten up your life, single-tasking is the secret (and I'm going to spread it!) embedded in this book. Chew it. 

Jeff Haden

I removed motivation in my equation on how to accomplish my daily tasks. And in the process, forgetting the goal works. If you are the type of person who wait for willpower to exercise or to do anything, or you spend more time thinking about than acting on your goals, this is your antidote.

Fumio Sasaki

Minimalism helped me save money for my first solo backpacking trip and for our first family trip! It saved me mental energy because I don't think about what clothes to wear in the morning. It saved me space in my room and luggage. And more. 
If you want to break away from consumption in this materialistic world and gain contentment and lasting happiness in life, this book has 55 + 15 tips for you. 
**TheMinimalists.com has helped me too in this lifestyle.

Cal Newport

Mark Manson

I read more books in a month than I usually do and spent more quality time with my activities after reading Cal Newport's work. I weaned myself successfully from Social Media for 30 days or more during that time and I have seen myself how much I could do if I spend less time with it and be purposeful with each use. 

If you want to improve how you tackle your important tasks, you'll have to ditch your mobile phone for a while, design your environment for some serious reading of this book to exercise your attention span. 

It was difficult for me to arrive on a decision until Mark introduced a phenomenal question, "Which pain can you tolerate?" If you want to make your life easier and happier, you have to learn how to make decisions better and faster. Swallow this whole.