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Welcome to Ross Journals! I'm Ross, a Filipino Nurse who loves exploring and living healthily. 

In 2017, I set up Ross Journals for my Travel Blog. But I felt incomplete. My life is not concentrated on that alone.

(1) I'm a generalist. There's a lot of things I want to experience in life. And I really pursue them. I enjoy delving into different areas of expertise and learning from their perspectives. 

(2) I seek ways to balance all the constants that gives meaning to my life.  

But basically, I continuously seek ways to improve the way I live to fulfill my personal goals and dreams, my roles and responsibilities in life. 

From 2014, I became obsessed about productivity tips and habits of the successful people around the world.

The main key, I discovered, is knowing how to optimize the use of our time to the things that matter and knowing our why. 

So now, with my intent to share those information I I have learned, I am fulfilling my dream of wanting to experience being a writer through this blog to share my insights, the valuable life skills I have applied and definitely those I will pick up along the way. 



I care about whether I'm living a life pleasing to Allah. That means, am I performing my Salah 5 times a day? Am I serving my parents well? Am I a good sibling, friend, or relative? Am I doing my job well? Am I using my skills to contribute to my society? Am I spending in Allah's way, helping the poor and the needy? I choose to enjoy activities that will also benefit me in my Hereafter. 

I care about people's dreams. Are they living the life they want? Are they just going with the flow or just following someone's dictate? Are they just pressured to do things? I would give my sincerest advice so they can truly live. 

I care about the environment. I would love to see more people consuming less, recycling and segregating wastes. And also, to see people not wasting food. I would love to see more people fight for a greener environment, even in small ways, so we can sustain our planet. 


I didn't plant to become one. But somehow, I find it natural to look after someone. It's both exhausting and rewarding. I sticked to it because I enjoyed studying the human body and so I know how to look after my loved ones.


"Health is wealth." It is true. The only way we can keep on doing the things we love doing is if we stay healthy. After seeing the realities of being unhealthy and sick with the patients in the hospital and hearing their wishes and regrets under the conditions they could have protected themselves from, I told myself I will do my best so I won't end up in a hospital bed. I opted for healthier meals and kept myself physically active. I still give myself cheat days for my sweet tooth. And also, get a good night sleep and power naps.



I travel to see places, collect NatGeo-level of photographs (which is far from the reality), pick-up a lesson and be transformed by it. At times, simply wandering in a new environment is sufficient for me. I want to experience places firsthand and I love meeting people of different nationality. I published some of my travel stories and photographs below.


I read books about productivity, ideas and memoirs. I learn a lot from the thinkers, researchers, businessmen, and philanthropists around the world. I choose to read a book at a certain time to develop a part of me, or to learn a skill, or to experience life of those in other areas of expertise. It is also one means of keeping our brain healthy. It puts me at less risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

What I love the most about the #mosques


The answer is in Quran. Read it, and once you're done, I'm happy to discuss my points with you.